Spring Specials


The long harsh winter causes a lot of wear and tear on our vehicles. Get your vehicle looking its best for the spring.


                                            ·         Lube Oil and Filter (synthetic oil extra)
                                            ·        Top up all fluid
                                            ·          Remove Snow Tires and Install Summer Tires
                                                                                                            (if not on rims - extra)



                                        EXTERIOR DETAIL

                                               ·            Hand Wash Exterior
                                               ·          Wax Exterior Paintwork
                                               ·           Clean Rims
                                               ·           Dress Tires

                                        INTERIOR DETAIL

                                                ·         Shampoo Carpets/Wash Floor Mats
                                                ·         Clean Windows Inside/Out
                                                ·         Clean all Interior Panels and Dash   


                                                $299.00 + TAX

                                                Special Ends June 30, 2017