About Birkshire Automobiles

23 Years Of Premium Sales & Service 

Birkshire Automobiles, the name resonates with English class and sophistication. This is exactly the type of environment that Owner Sam Sehota wanted to exhibit when he first opened the doors of this thriving Thornhill dealership. Focusing on the specialized field of British automobiles including the highly respected Jaguar, this dealership has become the largest independent specialty shop in all of Ontario.
Birkshire Automobiles has its roots deeply embedded into the British landscape having begun in 1971 in London, England.

After moving operation to Canada in 1979, Birkshire settled into its current location in 1991 at 73 Green Lane. Since then, Birkshire has provided its customers with exceptional sales and service of all British makes and models solely including Jaguar, MGB, Triumph, Austin Mini, Rolls-Royce, Bentley and Land Rover.

Birkshire operates in a renovated facility that includes a ten-vehicle, pre-owned indoor showroom. Here one can find classic Jaguars from 1990 onwards and the new generation models to 2006. In total, Birkshire contains a pre-owned inventory of approximately 40 exclusive British vehicles. They are commonly known as  specializing in Jaguar and Land Rover.  Extremely knowledgeable of the ins and outs of British vehicles, their four service bays and accompanying technicians are all highly trained in British automotive proficiency.

Birkshire is not only knowledgeable about Jaguar and Land Rover. They have a deeply embedded passion about the British automaker as their customer-waiting lounge is sure to profess. Jaguar  and Land  Rover merchandise, paraphernalia and general facts are all available for customers to view at their leisure in a display area. Comfortable offices in a domicile environment allows customers peace of mind while waiting for their vehicle to be serviced or making decisions on the vehicle they are about to purchase. Of course, Birkshire's sales staff are knowledgeable and can guide one effortlessly through their various operations of financing and warranties availability.

Since Birkshire is a specialty shop, they tend to receive clientele from all over Canada, from the West Coast to the Northwest Territories to Nova Scotia and everything in between including customers in Regina, Ottawa and Niagara Falls. Their main customer base however, falls within the north-eastern part of the Greater Toronto Area including Thornhill, Richmond Hill, and Markham. 

As a family-run business, Sam and his wife Jas can always be found at the dealership to ensure complete customer satisfaction. Their passion in this business is exemplified by the setting created here. With Birkshire's next goal of becoming Canada's largest independent specialty shop, it is almost certain that this dealership will attain just that using the same commitments and " Birkshire Class" that have won them many loyal customers over the years.

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